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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Digitalia is a tech news show, distributed as a podcast, on a website and an iOS app developed by Franco Solerio.

This page is used to inform Castamatic listeners regarding our policies regarding collection, use and disclosure of user’s Personal Information on the website and the iOS app.

Information we collect
We don’t collect or use any identifiable personal information of our users. This includes email addresses, names, age, gender, affiliation.

Like many other apps we gather anonymous, aggregate stats on app usage. This includes number of listened podcasts, number of times the app is activated during the day, percentage of users who subscribe to a podcast, or use a particular feature. We also collect crash reports to find and fix bugs and improve the app functionality.

By using Digitalia iOS app or you consent to our privacy policy.

If you have questions regarding this privacy policy you may write an email to:

This policy was last modified on November 6th 2019.

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